Smoking art films of pretty women.

2. One Day at the Amusement Park in Ohio - Sharing.
by Deannia

When I was a young girl, about 14, I went to a local amusement park with my parents. I walked around with them for hours having a pretty good time. While getting something to eat we were sitting outside at a picnic table when two girls, 18 - 19 years old sat two tables over. One girl had long dark hair and the other girl was reddish-light blond. Both girls were pretty and the blond was very thin with pale skin while the brunette was average build wearing a Guns-n-Roses tee-shirt tied in a knot to the side revealing her tan stomach. They were both sitting with their backs leaning against the table facing our direction.

The brunette pulled a cigarette out (Marlboro 100 gold pack) from her purse, clinched it between her teeth for a few seconds while searching for her lighter then finally lit it. She took a light drag as she put the lighter back in her purse exhaled through her nose, then took a nice strong hands free drag, pulled the cigarette out of her mouth, and did a very small OMI. Exhaling through her nose, she took another strong drag. This time she opened her mouth wide revealing a nice solid cloud of creamy smoke. Inhaling deeply, she tasted her own lips with her tongue as she handed the cigarette to the blond. Slowly the brunette leaned back against the table and blew a thin smoke ring in the air. Fortunately it was a still aired day and there was no wind. Watching this my heart pounded as I was hoping they would not turn around.

The blond started with a double pump but her style appeared to be nothing special, until she did this amazing drag. Her thin cheeks caved in deeply on both sides and it lasted at least 5 seconds. Her lips were puckered with a mouth full of smoke as she looked off to the side with her shifting eyes only, and did a wide OMI. The smoke was nice, but a bit light, it lingered for a second then was snapped deep into her body. She slowly de-ashed and handed the cigarette off to her friend without any noticeable exhale. Looking straight ahead, the brunette took the cigarette and held it in her hand while her arms rested on the table.

Worried my parents or the girls would catch on that I was watching, I had to view most of this out of the corner of my eyes. Fortunately, my parents were in a deep conversation about a party they went to the night before. As the brunette placed the cigarette in her lips she paused for a second then took another great drag. Her eyes were a bit dopey by now with a slight squint. Another big OMI with thick smoke that was very white around the outer part of her mouth and a beautiful shadow that split the thick smoke in half. Inhaling fast and deep, the smoke disappeared. While exhaling she placed the cigarette back in her mouth and took another drag, hands free as she messed with here long dark hair. Inhaling with the cigarette still dangling in her mouth, she took a second long drag, gracefully pulled the cigarette out, looked down her nose at her mouth and watched herself do a marvelous snap. I now had butterflies in my stomach and all I wanted to do was go join them but that was out of the question.

The blond took a few drags as only about 1/4 of the cigarette remained. One more strong cheek hollowing monster was include and she finished with a huge open mouth that was quick followed by a long stream exhale.

The blond stood up and handed the cigarette to the brunette who finished with a strong triple and put the cigarette out. She too stood up and exhaled a thick stream out of her nose, the smoke drifted around the back of of her neck as they walked off.

Oh my goodness, did I ever want to smoke. I thought of ingenious was to ditch my parents but it never happened. Later on that day I caught another glimpse of them from a distance as the brunette finished a drag and did a visible snap inhale. She unfortunately was finished with the cigarette and put it out.

I saw several other girls smoke that day but nothing memorable.

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